Core Values

Our Core Values

Our school environment is governed by a set of Core-values, which constitute the desired organizational Culture.The over-riding objective is to entrench this culture in Baringo high school as a prerequisite to improve education outcomes

These values include:

We promise to always put 100% into everything that we do.  We are committed and prepared to put in the extra effort required to get the best in whatever we do.


Each member of our team has chosen to hold themselves to strong moral and ethical standards. We value truthfulness and honesty, and we always strive to demonstrate those characteristics in our daily working 

We believe that level of professionalism can learnt  over time. The professionalism we exhibited  by  our team is a collection of traits that put together make up an exceptional individual, and in turn, a successful institution. These traits include reliability, competence, dependability, respect, and  integrity.

As Baringo High School, teamwork is vital for success. We feel, act and behave as one big team.

We believe in the inherent worth for all’s the backbone of our very philosophy. It captures our desire to foster an engaging and inclusive workplace; and our recognition that we are the sum of our collective talent.

We are committed to the relentless pursuit of improving our academic performance. 


We value compassion and care for those around us as they contribute to the common good.We treating others with respect, punctuality, delivering on what you promise.

We insist on truthfulness and faithfulness among our stakeholders. Academic honesty is one of our key component.

As a school we always strive to treat all impartiality  and just